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    Tabacco by Odori

    I seemed to have had my perfume friend, Late Hit's good luck today: I dropped into a thrift store to pick up a couple of cheapie t-shits and I was checking out, I noticed an odd object inside the glass display case below the counter. I asked the clerk to see it and it turned out to be Tabacco by Odori with the leather cap and bottle that's suspended in a wooden frame. The taped-on tag said $6.95. I vaguely remembered seeing a bottle like that as I was researching tabacco scents a couple of years back, but I wasn't sure. I spritz some on and liked it instantly.

    It opens with a the strong sweet scent of a freshly opened pouch of pipe tobacco and even though eucalyptus and jasmine, and orange flower are listed, I don't get those notes. The scent seems to slowly quiet down to a subtle combination of tabacco, incense, a dusting of cocoa powder and vanilla beans (just a tad bit too much vanilla for me), that reminds me of something between new Tabac Blond by Caron, and Serge Luten's Fumerie Turque.

    From time to time I ponder trying to purchase either a full, or partial bottle of Fumerie Turque, and I scour ebay looking for vintage Tabac Blond, but both are so far out of my price range that I know I'm just going through the motions. With this full, 100 ml bottle of Odori's Tabacco I can end the search (for those two, at least) as Odori Tabacco satisfies my tabacco scent craving completely, even though it could be a little more dry and smoky.

    Silliage is moderate. I think men would appreciate the opening phase more and women
    would appreciate the sweet woody dry down more.

    10th November, 2012

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