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    Pioggia Salata by Il Profumo

    I have to say that appreciate a lot this fragrance for its romantic and nostalgic vibe. Is not a secret that i love Il Profvmo, a wonderful italian niche brand and this particular fragrance fully reflects the philosophy of the brand, i mean delicacy, balance, exoticism (think at Vanille bourbon, Vetiver de Java, Citron Sauvage and many others) and evocative subtleness. Silvana Casoli structured a delicate fragrance around the central mineral and marbly note of salt and many different qualities of salt are entered in this blend. The salt is worked and treated with exotic and soothing elements in order to envelop the senses in a smooth and ethereal embrace which features a contrast of many opposite nuances. I detect an airy and "violety" ozonic balmy saltiness in the air and a further dreamy rosey touch on your salty skin wet by the rain (pioggia salata= salty rain) along the mediterranean seaside. The sky is cloudy but rosey along the horizon line. I detect a sort of delicate exotic/floral background (ylang-ylang, hibiscus, seaweeds etc) which is sophisticated in a discreet way but over all i catch a sort of balmy/musky/cedary aromatic (eucalyptus, ever green plants of the coast) subtleness which reminds an exotic skin foam smell more than properly a typical angular aquatic common vibe. Probably hints of balsams (benzoin, amber?) soften utterly the dry down, sweetening and civilizing the salt. The final outcome is a silent soapy ozonic potion worthy its price. In my opinion this fragrance is far better appointed than the more renowned and probably expensive Acqua di Sale by Profumum Roma. Longevity and projection are powerful.

    10th November, 2012 (Last Edited: 11th November, 2012)

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