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    Amber Oud by By Kilian

    Frankly a bit disappointing and too much linear cause the strength coming from the prominent duo amber-vanilla is overwhelming the woodiness and depauperating the structure. I smell a royal boozy-spicy amber combined with yummy elements (vanilla and probably hints of chocolate) inside. I don't get specifically the bay leaves, just some faint final airy muskiness in the base. The oudh implementation seems to be symbolic and its interaction with the spices and the balsams elicits a sort of boozy vibe that's the facet i prefer. I would have liked some tobacco patterns that hardly detect (in a really minimal dose). The juice is kind of dusty because of the animalic gassy vibe and the powdery cedarwood (i suppose) for a long part of its development till when the woodiness starts to fade down and a silky dark caramellous temperament turns out. In this phase the scent is a sort of gourmand one becoming appealing but a bit stuck. The fragrance is anyway regal and mysterious but many cheaper ambers manage to be that.
    P.s: many hours later Amber Oud morphs in something softer, less dense, more sophisticated and feminine. An improvement. I catch vague floral nuances in the mix. Are there any floral patterns in the blend? Probably not but a certain delicate and more radiant subtleness starts turning out.

    12th September, 2012 (Last Edited: 11th November, 2012)

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