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    Rocabar by Hermès

    This might be called the signature scent of the Arab Al-Burj hotel, the most recognisable modern monument of Dubai. It is to be found alongside the marble fittings, gold fixtures and baskets of hand tied peach towels that comprise the gents' bathrooms throughout the building.

    Rocabar is an appropriate choice of cologne for such a setting. I agree entirely with Francolino that it is a fragrance best suited for use in hot climates, although my rationale for this is that in the heat the top notes fade more quickly. My first encounter with this scent was in December 2006, and my immediate impression of it was that it had to be an 'old school' 70s or 80s classic from Hermes. I'm surprised to see that Rocabar was in fact launched in 1998.

    The top notes contain an excess of sweetness - whilst neither the nutmeg or cinnamon dominate, in combination with the soapiness of lavender the accord is overly sweet, an effect that is more pronounced in colder weather. I very much enjoy the abundance of woods that reveal themselves, the cypress and cedar provide some much needed dryness and class to the whole affair. Unfortunately for me, Rocabar ends as it begins, a little too sweetly with a hint of vanilla. Silage is moderate, longevity thoroughly respectable in colder weather although re-applying may be required in hotter climes. It is an undeniably refined Hermes composition, but it's not for me.

    12th November, 2012

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