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    Beckham Signature for Him by Beckham

    Nice scent with weak longevity...

    I have purchased a number of the Beckham fragrances blind. All are great scents, to include Signature, but all are relative weak in longevity. As I continue to write reviews, the longevity element/measure has grown in importance to me and is the element I am most critical. The rationale is simple, why buy a cologne if there is no projection/sillage?

    Signature offers a fresh scent out of the gates with evergreen, floral, and powdery notes. It settles into a very pleasant fragrance with amber and outdoorsy (I think I just made up a word..!!) finishing notes. It is very easy on the nose. That is about all the good comments regarding Signature...

    Similar to other comments, the fragrance lasts about an hour. Yes, I get it - our body chemistry is different, but this fragrance does not last even on clothing. Following the hour after the initial application, it requires a follow-up dose.

    The bottle is awkwardly designed, making it a challenge to hold and spray in the same motion. The packaging is below average - I actually notice packaging of the bottle more now. You can tell when a manufacturer wants to sell "top shelf"...

    If you can pick this up for under $10, and just for the thrill of adding another bottle to your collection, pick it up...

    All things considered I will give Signature 3 stars out of five. Ensure you develop tomorrow's leaders...

    12th November, 2012

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