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    No. 19 Poudré by Chanel

    I'm one of the few people who likes BOTH the original AND the Poudre versions of No 19 equally.
    I might get stoned for this bit of blasphemy (ducking) but I actually find Poudre resembles the pure parfum version of original No 19 more than either the tangier EDP or the dryer, mossier EDT.
    It's softer, with more pronounced florals and an underlying butteriness; less of the leathery-green bite that makes No 19 a little masculine. Some people consider original 19 to be more powdery than 19 Poudre, but I don't get that. 19 Poudre just has a different kind of powderiness, a lower-pitched fuzziness created by soft musks which aren't present in original 19. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason they don't smell it since many people are anosmic to musks.
    I won't consider this a "sophisticated" scent by any means, but it's clean, green, and lovely.

    14th November, 2012

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