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    Baldinini Man by Baldinini

    The sharp beginning is fruity/green for sure and you can detect by soon a durable fresh combination of citrus, lavender, fruits (apple and pineapple), aromatic herbs and musk but there is (on the side of a soon noticeable musk) an heady element that you can catch in a while after the first spray (an element which is dominant till the base and that works a role of protagonist on the side of the musk) i mean a sort of licorice kind of smoky tobacco utterly darkened by an earthy patchouli. Some highly spicy and almost boozy amber (on the side of some powdery woodsy) introduces a touch of final smoothness (or better white powder) in the middle of the fruity/herbal smoky final musk. The juice is anyway a bit too much synthetic for my full pleasure and i would have liked more woodiness and less powder at the end. Reminds me a bit Arrogance Uomo.

    Ps: i smell and smell again the dry down on my wrist and think:" what the hell does it remind? This is familiar, yes, i know this smell, is similar to something i know well" and....and, guess what..... yes, of course, this juice is a sort of sharper A*Men (lavender, patchouli, musk, amber etc etc), far less creamy/caramellous but with a similar, really close basic smell.

    16th November, 2012

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