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    Lauder for Men by Estée Lauder

    *This is a review of vintage Lauder for Men

    Lauder for Men (vintage) opens with a standout top note of gin-like juniper berries that are the first to arrive in full force in an all-out nasal assault before they quickly disappear. The juniper berries quickly transition to the heart notes including lavender-like clary sage, joined by a prominent carnation with a sanitized jasmine-like lily-of-the-valley undertone and hints of slightly orange-like coriander spice. All of the heart notes take a back seat to a tremendously strong oakmoss note that rises all the way from the base as it dominates the scent's development from near top to bottom without obscuring the other components too much. Supporting the dominant oakmoss in the base through the dry-down as the heart notes slowly recede is a slightly sweet sandalwood that balances the composition to a degree. Projection and longevity are both excellent to exceptional.

    Lauder for Men (vintage) is a brilliant powerhouse of a scent that is the 80s to the extreme. It is quite potent and can easily be over-applied to levels that will clear rooms in record time, but when used in smaller doses it exudes strength and power from its wearer. This is one of those kinds of scents I can see a boardroom exec wearing if they want to show "the others" who is the boss. The oakmoss used to pair with the carnation heart is amazing, and I doubt you can find scents nowadays that can replicate it as the regulations are too strict on the levels that can be used. As such, Lauder for Men (vintage) is one of those rare powerhouse aromatic fougere finds from the past that folks should snatch up while you still can, earning an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5.

    17th November, 2012

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