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    Miss Dior Le Parfum by Christian Dior

    I'll say right from the top that I absolutely despise this newest incarnation of "Miss Dior" and feel that it should have remained Miss Dior Cherie. This is a case of revisionist history for the sake of taking a classic name and dumbing it down for a younger generation of "perfumista" who wouldn't know the original Miss Dior if it fell out of the sky and bonked them in the head. Here's what I think must have gone down: Perfume executives were siting around a room brainstorming about how to make the Dior "brand" marketable to a younger generation. Then one says, "Too bad the Miss Dior name already belongs to that 1947 scent that's so out of fashion." Then another executive chimes in and says, "Oh we can get around that since not many women have actually smelled the original Miss Dior. We can take that name, make a completely new formula that has nothing to do with the old formula and no one would be the wiser, except for those crazy perfume bloggers on line. But who cares what they think?" "Yes, that's it!" says a third, and the perfume brief should read like this: Make a formula that smells exactly like that smell you get when you walk into Sephora. You know, that scent that's a mixture of every fresh, fruity floral on the shelf, mingling to become one?" "Yes, yes!," they all agree. And there we have it: The new Miss Dior = every scent on the shelf in Sephora rolled into one to ensure that it will please the 18 - 30- year-old demographic.

    17th November, 2012

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