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    Gucci pour Homme (original) by Gucci

    Amongst the best discontinued designer fragrances in history, and arguably the greatest creation ever from the house of Gucci, this is a timeless scent for men.

    I can only surmise that Gucci decided to eventually ditch the very first Pour Homme along with their second men's launch, the louder Nobile, as part of a conscious effort during the Tom Ford era to alter global perception of a much maligned brand, perhaps best known in the 1990s for financial ruin and family tragedies. Maybe in the end Gucci Pour Homme didn't suit the new company image or perhaps it just wasn't selling, either way it is a tragedy in itself that the decision was taken to cease production.

    Gucci Pour Homme (1976) is a sublime, dry chypre which represents the epitome of style over fashion in the context of men's fragrances. It opens with a blend of citrus, notably lemon, and lavender which has never been bettered since. I don't find it soapy as one might consider the lavender used in traditional gentlemen's toiletries, but I do find the top and vivid floral heart of this composition bright and classy. This magnum opus of notes sits atop a warm base that contains smooth and distinctive leather, some amber and a hint of real musk, all of which contribute to a rich and sophisticated drydown that is impossible to tire of.

    Projection on this masterpiece is relatively close to the skin and longevity is excellent....sadly, nothing lasts forever.

    19th November, 2012

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