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    Quorum by Antonio Puig

    A truly masculine, slightly spicy, woodsy, leathery classic. Quorum was one of my most used, and probably over-applied, scents of my twenties. It is a rugged scent, but far from crude in its composition.

    The opening accord is actually quite fresh, but doesn't have much time to shine. The citrus top notes fade quite quickly, and reveal middle notes dominated by manly woods with some florals, but quite honestly I can't see the wood for the trees when it comes to the flowers in Quorum! The pine and patchouli dominate this scent's heart, lingering until the very end, and their unmistakable presence serves as a reminder that this is a scent from a bygone era.

    Its basenotes define old-school manliness, with very rich leather, dark tobacco, warm amber and exquisitely blended earthy moss. The moss note is deeper in the vintage version, with the current formulation featuring a more vivacious citrus opening - otherwise I find the two versions near identical. Famed for its aggressive silage and tremendous staying power on skin, Quorum is a classic dry powerhouse for men that is unashamedly rooted in the 70s.

    19th November, 2012

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