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    Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

    The other day I was walking past the EL counter, and decided to take a whiff of Youth Dew. I was expecting to be hit over the head by something repugnant, but was pleasantly surprised by the incense wafting out of the bottle. I passed on trying it on skin that day. Today I found myself back at the EL counter for the express purpose of testing YD on my skin. Wow. On me, I get a deep incenscey fragrance that reminds me of what Opium smelled like when it was initially released. (I'm in my 40's... My Mom wore Opium when I was little and it was fabulous on her.) I saw my Mom after that trip to the mall and she asked me if I was wearing pre-reformulation Opium. She was stunned to learn that I was wearing EL Youth Dew. It is spicy, warm and what I love most, full of incense. My skin has a tendency to devour scent, but that doesn't appear to be a problem with YD. It is still lingering on my skin 7 hours after a single modest spray to my wrist. I definitely see a FB in my future.

    18th November, 2012 (Last Edited: 19th November, 2012)

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