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    Aventus by Creed

    This, to me, is an exceptional fragrance. From the first spray you get a blast of pineapple with a hint of birch and rose. Underneath, as with many Creed fragrances, there is the ambergris just edging itself out of the background. Alongside this is the musk. So what exactly does Aventus smell like?
    Imagine that you were thrown into a time machine. This time machine for whatever reason sent you back to seventeenth century Italy. You have no idea what you're doing there, but obviously there is a war being fought and you are on the front line. You're picked up at the collar by the general of the Italian army. He's eating a pineapple (Don't ask me how or why he got the pineapple, he just has it, okay?). He wants to know what you're doing there, and you really don't know and you don't speak Italian so you don't answer. He throws you on his horse while eating his pineapple and rides into the dense forest. He drops you off in the middle of a courtyard surrounded by the country's finest roses and freshest apple trees. The general tosses you off the horse and finishes eating his pineapple. You then realize that he was only eating the pineapple in order to mask the light scent of musky sweat from battle.

    Lasting power on this fragrance is great. I can wear this fragrance all day and not worry about it wearing off or having to reapply it. It lasts about twelve hours on my skin. That being said, let's talk projection. This thing projects like a beast. So I would say two sprays is where you want to be at with this one. Also, as anybody would know who buys Creed frags, the triggers are a force to be reckoned with. One spray could fill a room, so go light on the trigger or you might give yourself a headache.
    Age range: I've heard so many different things about this cologne and ages that could pull it off. In my personal opinion, its all about your personality. I see a person who is confident and in charge wearing Aventus. If you are a confident person and like being the center of attention for a little while, then by all means go for it. Now if you really want to talk age as in numbers, then I would say somebody who is in college might be able to pull this one off. However, I feel that it's more geared toward the twenty-five and up crowd.
    Would I recommend this fragrance? Definitely. I love the stuff
    Would I consider the price before purchasing this? Yes. If finances are tight then I would definitely consider other fragrances first. However, if this is something you absolutely must have and you love it, then I would say it is one of the better and more original offerings at a large price tag.

    19th November, 2012

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