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    Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

    A masterpiece and one of my top ten fragrances for fall and winter and also in my wardrobe. I looove this fragrance! <3
    It's a classy fragrance, great for special occasions for a gentleman with tie and suit.
    Start semi sweet with vanilla, some lavender, huge dose of Iris note and only hint of coco.
    Very pleasant and well balanced.
    In the dry down, the iris note settle down and go in the background with almost powdery and so sweet scent of vanilla and coco. this is the best part of this fragrance. it's a little too sweet for some guys and that's the reason why they don't like it. but it's a incredible beautiful scent and it's god damn classy. very elegant and sexy!
    In the base some woodsy notes joining the party and give this fragrance more masculine vibe, but they are in the background.
    Project like a beast and last over 12 hours on any skin. it's a bomb!

    20th November, 2012

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