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    Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

    I oversprayed in zealous enjoyment while still a beginner and thought this a synthetic glorified femine hygiene monster. Sprayed instead on freshly cleaned skin and in colder air, such austere beauty. The perfect scent for a cloistered poetess in Amherst or a governess in love with her tragic benefactor. As a moony-eyed high school art goth I wore Demeter's Funeral Home. Anais Anais is the quintessential goth girl perfume in sheep's clothing, as it takes those lillies and carnations central to Funeral Home and burns sweet sad incense in a soft leather-gloved hand, blowing away dust to make way for stark powder and milky green stems. Put the marketing, iconic as it is, aside and disregard the teenage girl demographic. Anais Anais is most of all literary in that it is linear, associative, bittersweet, concerned with love and death but couched in accessible metaphor, wise but virginal though not too youthful. The namesake Nin's writings I do not detect anywhere in mood or vision, hers an entirely sexualized world. This commercial perfume sold in plastic and largely unchanged since its creation is more spiritual. And more than any of these literary figures evoked, no Lolita here for me in the least by the way--she is much more Angel, I have to recite some of Ophelia's lines during any wearing. Nunneries, primrose paths, morbid mad tragic wistful love. The literary gothic romance.

    21st November, 2012

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