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    Tubéreuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens

    l get the "petrochemical" opening described by so many others here, but to my nose it's not quite gasoline, or rubber, or disinfectant, or menthol, but strongly wintergreen. lt's also not as overpowering as l was expecting. This subsides over the first thirty minutes, & it settles into a pretty white floral with just a hint of a dark undercurrent. ln the heart l get lily, jasmine & orange blossom, but no tuberose at all! There's something cold about this fragrance; not the "florist's fridge" coolness of Carnal Flower, but something else... lt also lacks the brash seductiveness that l love about Fracas. l expected a Big White Floral on steroids, but this is a rather quiet fragrance, & like other Lutens l've tried, severely lacking in projection. Three hours in it fades to a sweetish, slightly leafy vanilla skin scent, & six hours after application it's barely detectable.
    l'm happy l got to try this, but for me it doesn't come close to my favourite tuberoses that l've already mentioned here. My search for "my" tuberose is already complete.

    21st November, 2012

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