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    Loretta by Tableau de Parfums

    I expected to like the way Loretta smelled, but assumed that a "fruity floral" would not be up my alley. Upon first whiff, though, I was immediately taken. Loretta strikes me as more baroque/sensuous than "feminine" as such. It's rich and evocative in a not-so-gender-specific way. It creates a variety of sense perceptions, of color, of a certain quality of light, heat and texture. It smells purple, but with a glowing heart. I would call this pansexual more than "unisex" as the latter word sounds too neutered for what this fragrance is. But enough of gender distinctions or non-distinctions.

    It is richly fruity, floral and spicy, yes, but it's also woody. The total effect is one of confidence and also enjoyment - both calm and stimulating. Interestingly, during the evening its dark character comes through and during the day, it's rich floral heart shines. It worked for me at both times of day. I think I would wear this more in cooler weather.

    It starts with a generous helping of dark spiced fruit - I imagine black plums. It never tips toward Christmas compote territory, though, because the richness is tempered by a diffusive camphoric/aromatic texture that evokes lifts the whole experience and dries it out a bit. The rich tuberose heart surrounds and backs up the fragrance, becoming more pronounced as it dries down. The spice and wood give it bones throughout it's development and help maintain Loretta's deep character. One spray creates a kaleidoscopic effect all day. I'd happily smell this on anyone and may have to opt in for the full bottle soon.

    28th November, 2012

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