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    Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron

    For the duchesses' symposiums at Court. I don't exactly remember whether Al Pacino was talking about Fleur or Fleurs de Rocaille in its notorious Scent of Woman but i'm sure about the identity of the fragrance i tested and this one is the older Fleurs de Rocaille, a fragrance which an older seller gave me as a gift as soon as i purchased nearby its decrepit shop a 100 ml Marte Arte Battistoni for 25,00. So lucky am i, and so patient as an olfactory investigator ready to rake the old decrepit shops around the world. I tested the one in the old packaging far different from the modern niche one and i'm almost sure it was the vintage, vintage version. What to say? Absolutely hard to wear nowadays with its old-school cologny vibe but timeless for sure. This is an ethereal fragrance, celestial, cool, conservative and gentle as a natural whiff carring out a victorian garden floral early riser aroma. I detect the otherworldly aldehydes airy/powdery touch for sure, perceive the bergamot, the lemony vibe, the astringent herbs and obviously the complicated floral bouquet with all those "magistrally stuffy" nuances of ylang-ylang, muguet, rose/jasmine and violet. Many other sharp floral nuances (carnation and geranium overall) whirl over the woody (sandalwood-cedarwood) base and the juice holds on to be sharp (despite hints of perfectly balanced rounding amber/musk providing faint soapiness/powderiness) and natural till the end. I do not detect a sweet or mellow fruity presence in the blend for sure. Probably a minimal hint of civet closes the round in order to bind its action with a vintage connection of aldehydes, hesperides and patchouli. I have this extremely classic fragrance in my collection now and i'm proud of it.

    29th November, 2012

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