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    Red Vetyver by Montale

    After much anticipation and quite a lot of effort, I managed to come by a decant from a renowned site in Germany, as Montale isn't available in the UK.
    What a complete disappointment this was! People go on about how this is similar to my signature scent, Terre d' Hermes, but all I can detect is ethanol/alcohol (ISO E Super perhaps?), some light citrus and that's just about it. No evolving pattern of top/middle/base notes, just a very bland alcohol-like scent with light citrus. I was expecting a more woody scent overall, but this turned out to be quite revolting. It was a scrubber - it turned out to be too medicinal and all-out synthetic. I expected more from a company that has been praised on these forums as being 'the baseline' of vetivers and orientals.
    OK, I'm not going to judge Montale on just one fragrance, but if this is anything to go by, I will be approaching even a decant of any Montale fragrance with great caution. Don't hold your breath. Stick to Terre d' Hermes or if you prefer, give DR Harris Windsor a try. A very big thumbs down from me on Red Vetyver.

    30th November, 2012

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