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    Crushed No. 32 by Tokyo Milk

    Crushed is a bright, pretty, green, grassy jasmine demi-soliflor. It’s delish and it’s balanced. It has a buoyant sweetness that the cloying fruity-florals of the world should emulate. The name says it all. It smells like a handful of springtime grass, stems and flowers rubbed together in your hands and sniffed.

    It smells fantastic, but is it a perfume? I love to smell it out of the bottle and even on my skin, but I find I never wear it. It captures my difficulty with the three Tokyomilk Dark series I’ve tried (Excess, Arsenic and Crushed). Crushed is effectively a base, closer to a scent than a fragrance. I wouldn’t complain if I smelled this on someone else, but I prefer to wear a true perfume. That said, Crushed, with its inherent Spring briskness, would be a great alternative for any man who wears a fragrance with “fresh” or “sport” in its name.

    30th November, 2012

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