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    Jasmal by Creed

    I really don't find the indolic jasmine that others mention. The opening is not appealing, but it is interesting for the fact that it does hold together some opposing elements. The topnotes , while not smelling of jasmine to me, are sharp and arid, yet green and crisp and a bit urinous.

    I spent a brief paragrapsh on the topnotes. Let me be more concise with the next two and give a snapshot of the complexity and charm of the perfume in its heart and basenotes.

    Gets soapy.

    Smells like inexpensive lily of the valley.

    I used to try to understand Creed, and felt that I just wasn't a Creed customer. Knowing that their concept ('the esteemed house of Creed') and their representation of the company strike a nerve in me, I've given them more benefit of the doubt than I otherwise would have. I'm revising my opinion. I simply don't think that the bulk of the Creed fragrances I've tried are very good. The compositions are unfocussed, often derivative and evolution of the fragrances tends to be unengaging.

    To end on a positive note, I really do like Irisia.

    30th November, 2012

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