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    Axe Musk / Lynx Musk by Axe / Lynx

    *This is a review of the current release of Axe Musk (which I believe is a completely different scent than the discontinued version).

    Axe Musk opens with a lot of powder. The powder barrage shortly mingles with synthetic musk that reminds me of cheap shampoo, and just a touch of anise... That is it, folks. The minimalist scent is extremely linear, not really developing at all. Projection is average to above average and longevity is poor (which is to be expected from a body spray).

    Axe Musk is very barbershop fresh, reminding me of the Clubman talcum powder my barber uses to powder my face when I get a haircut and a shave. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but not something I find really appealing either, and not something that meshes with my personal taste at all (as I can't stand powdery scents in general). Axe Musk is dirt cheap, and it smells like they have priced it about right. This was an interesting experiment with the aim of finding a low-priced hidden gem that went awry, unfortunately. If you love very powdery synthetic barbershop scents you may enjoy it more than I, but Axe Musk earns a poor rating of 2 stars out of 5. If I want barbershop at this price, I would rather buy the Clubman.

    02nd December, 2012

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