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    L'Anarchiste by Caron

    Metallic? Maybe somehow, someway.
    Apple pie? I do get apple out of it, but not pie.
    Blood? Where that came from I can't even imagine.

    There's definitely an accord smelling of apple in the opening. But itís not the bright 'jolly rancher' apple you get out of Kenneth Cole Reaction. It's truer to the source material for better or worse. Worse because I'm not especially fond of apples. The apple shares in an accord of two other notes. Vodka and mint. Sorta like you had some cocktail of apples spiked in 160 proof spirits and laced with green mint. Maybe itís just a reaction with the alcohol (vodka note?), but it is what it is to my nose. But its by no means unpleasant, only vaguely synthetic, and if you like apples you'll probably like it. After few minutes LíAnarchiste begins to exude a smell akin to camphor with a touch of citrus peel. Iíll take a stab at guessing the camphor odor comes from the guaic wood.

    Drying further down I start to get the smell of the cedar and cinnamon and a bit of sandalwood with a hefty dose of musk. No vetiver is obvious to me.
    The cologne continues like this for a few hours and begins to fade down to a musky skin scent.

    All the oft mentioned comparisons aside, this is a rather unique cologne and can appreciate that it isnít a run of the mill rehash of something else as many designers are prone to produce. Itís not weird, just different than most. I like the stuff, but Iím not sure Iíll ever love it. It isn't cold. It has character, but it feels disassociated from me. A few more tries before I can settle that. Try before you buy Iíd say.
    Thumbs Up!

    03rd December, 2012

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