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    Encre Noire by Lalique

    Definitely 'inky' when you first put it on, even somewhat unpleasant. This quickly fades in the first few minutes and the layers of the composition divide and begin to sing softly but with conviction of wet earth and svelte woods. The cypress doesn't get as much attention as the exquisite vetivers within and its a rather nice expression of evergreen. The scent isn't rough at all. It's smooth as silk.

    Throughout there's a pervasive accord that I can only imagine as being a bit like lipstick or candle wax in nature. Some might like that, some might not. Encre Noire certainly doesn't come across as a proper cologne to say the least. I wouldn't say it is really formal. Rather, its just sorta weird worn as cologne.

    Apparently this contains both Haitian and Bourbon vetiver. The vetiver notes are excellent. Oh man are they something special. I have sniffed a few niche takes on vetiver themed fragrances and not one beat this. I find vetiver very calming and comforting and I like to use this to relax around the house.

    The longevity is very good and all the warnings about it being to loud are unwarranted. You could easily get away with a few sprays on a cool day.

    It's hard to suggest this as a blind buy due to its enigmatic nature as a cologne. If you aren't a fan of vetiver you might be unimpressed. But I love this stuff. Thumbs up!

    03rd December, 2012

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