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    Florabotanica by Balenciaga

    I had high hopes for this one - the bottle is gorgeous and the notes made me think this couldn't be anything but a winner. But it's not. I forgot that this - after all - is a fragrance aimed towards a young audience, an audience normally buying fruity-florals; sometimes with no other criterion than a cute bottle embracing the liquid (think Marc Jacob's "Dot").

    Balenciaga has twigged the nice-bottle-concept, and they also realized that the young fruity-floral-audience (usually) doesn't want too much of a challenge when they buy a perfume. The brave move Balenciaga has made here is the fact that this isn't sweet, or peachy, or powdery, or candied - there is actually nothing in here reminding me of the huge range of "pink" fragrances dominating the market. Instead this is a green rose, with a soapy but not out-of-the-shower-clean character. The mint never turns cold in the typical minty way, instead it soothes the composition and softens the edges. It doesn't have a great sillage but sticks around for a good 6-8 hours on me.

    I find it nice for what it is, but I also find it boring.

    After all I'm quite thankful and have great respect for what Balenciaga is doing here: Florabotanica might introduce a new trend different from the now dominating fruity-floral-trend. And maybe, maybe (oh I wish!) this might even fuel the perfume interest in one or two teens wandering aimlessly about the perfume department, not yet aware of the fact that there is other fragrances in the perfume world than fruity-florals.

    03rd December, 2012

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