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    My Land by Trussardi

    Where is the leather? Which kind of tonka are we talking about? Marine elements in the middle of a white (barely creamy) woody powdery mess? Not so often i dial the thumbs down and in this case it is determined and straightforward. I miss so much the great Trussardi Uomo Vintage since the modern Trussardi Uomo is average but dignified while My land is frankly unacceptable. Sorry Trussardi, classy italian brand worldwide notorious. My polite and mannerly girlfriend on my side on the sofa' exclamed:" whatta fuck you sprayed over? Scrub it off ". The brand started to implement the synthetical ozonic notes in its modern creations but in My Land the implementation is unbalanced and dissonant, a banal and unpleasant mess. The combination of citrus (mostly mandarine in my opinion), powdery cedarwood, grassy calone, fluidy vetiver and violet is pungent and disturbing. There is a white final kind of ostensibly ambery (but even a bit metallic) sweet density in the dry down that reminds me a bit Fahrenheit 32 (which is vanillic and more powdery and white anyway), a fragrance i hate. Comes to mind a sort of Fahrenheit 32 and Canali Men mix. Anyway i expect far more by a glorious brand as Trussardi and hope in a better appointed olfactory creativity.

    03rd December, 2012

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