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    Sung by Alfred Sung

    The top notes influence the whole olfactory fatigue as this juice smells till the end of the trip more fruity and resinous (almost ripe) than properly floral. The bouquet of flowers is central and undiscernible in its single elements by a lait nose but what jumps in a while on mind (something lasting till the end) is a resinous and aromatic similar apricot/coconut taste elicited by the interaction from gummy galbanum, coriander (a touch of mint??), mellow peaches (pears yet?) ylang-ylang and orange over a mossy/vanillic base. The begining introduces a touch of almost masculine toilette type of vibe with hints of bergamot and mossy lavender but the feel is evanescent as a meteor because the mellifluence is yet ready to smoulder and erupt. The perfumed agreement of all those dense and resinous elements (vanilla, ripe fruits, mature floral leaves, galbanum, musk and moss) turns the smell out almost syrupy, "saccharosical" and "jammy". A touch of animalic pattens and earthy/grassy elements locks the round of this particular masculine coming from the abysses of the past. The dry down is a bit too much greasy and synthetic for my pleasure. The most appropriate word to define this fragrance? I would say "gummy". Reminiscences of the classic womanly Gloria Vanderbilt and Anais Anais Cacharel. For a daring woman not shy to wear synthetic in the age of more natural perfumes.

    04th December, 2012

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