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    Arabian Nights - Pure Oud by By Kilian

    Killian Pure Oud.
    Designed by Calice Becker as part of the Arabian Nights Collection for By Killian and launched in 2009; Pure Oud smells woody, leathery, smokey and offers a realistic interpretation of the aroma of burning oud wood chips/incense, as this oud incense smoke might smell if it were bottled as a fragrance. I have been very impressed with the artistic quality of most everything Ms. Becker has created and Pure Oud is no exception. Pure Oud is a standard fragrance by which many other oud scents that have been created since will be measured against.

    The smell of Pure Oud on the skin is a cool, dry scent of mossy, oudish and smokey woods that have an inviting nut like warmth to the aroma staying warm through to the base. There are no florals or fruit in the mix keeping this oud recreation solidly in the "leather oud" department, as a type of oud fragrance. Some of the major notes are: oud (probably synthetic) cypriol oil, gaiac wood oil, copahu balm and saffron oil. The smell of this fragrance is not immediately pleasing but it is very pleasing nonetheless, probably more provocative than pleasing. The appeal of a darker fragrance of this type is the recollection of hard won qualities that leave their tracks in time through woods and the natural world. This is a classic fragrance aroma - one of the best of its type in my opinion. Pure Oud lasts several hours before receding into the background, so it is not nearly as long lasting as some and this could be a negative for some, but I peronally like the gentle nature of this otherwise very roughly cut scent. rating 4. / 5.

    05th December, 2012

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