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    Original Cologne by Creed

    Original Cologne (OC) aka Pure White Cologne might very well be the best classical Creed citrus since Bois de Cedrat. As with all "colognes", it is light and doesn't last an ungodly 15 hours on your skin like some thick French juices. But it is immaculately engineered with great quality materials. The moment you spray a blast or two on your skin, the top notes of high-def lemon, made slightly tart with grapefruit accents and softened with petitgrain just evaporate off your skin in a super pleasant and refreshing aroma. What comes next is what makes OC unique - and subject to a little controversy. The heart notes accord is green shell of galbanum with a fluffy slightly sweat pear note which also melds with an old world english powder note in the basenotes. The fusion of galbanum + pear + powder may sound garish and extreme but it is rendered with such a light hand here that it just makes OC come off as a bit eccentric and dandy.

    Dandy..yes, OC is for dandies of the 21st century. The herbivore men of Japan more interested in technology gadgets and their looks than in the opposite sex. OC is a retro-modern fragrance for herbivore men. But really it just works for everyone and is especially pleasing in the humidity of the American south. Give it a try.

    Rating: 8.75/10.0

    05th December, 2012

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