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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    Wow... after smelling different fragrances by Creed I can understand why they have the reputation that they do. I can also understand why people would say GIT and Cool Water smell SIMILAR but definitely not the same. I mean you wouldn't mistake one for the other. GIT is definitely more refined and smooth while Cool Water is a bit harsh and in your face. I have only sampled this on test paper but can't wait to give it a true test drive and update this review. As of now I would say this is definitely a great blind buy... *UPDATE* Sprayed this on this morning... the fragrance is every bit as specatular as it was smelled straight from the bottle however... it's 3 hours later and I can barely smell it on my arm even with my nose directly to the skin, I get a slight whiff of it from the sprays on my neck. The longevity on this is pretty disappointing although I think this is the EDT I got the sample from Does anyone know if the EDP has better longevity? I would hate to spend the money to buy a full bottle of this if its going to be gone after only 3 hours.

    06th December, 2012

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