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    Cool Water by Davidoff

    I wore this in high school back in the late 90's and early 2000's. I loved it back then and it was very popular with my classmates. As a sophmore I had an idiotic teacher who forbade us from wearing Cool Water in her classroom because according to her it smelled like marijuana. I wore it anyway and she would make me sit outside. Long story short the administration sided with her and I had to cease wearing this fragrance for the semester. If I had known my rights and social networking had existed to the level it does now I would have owned that school today. Anyway I remember Cool Water being a projection and longevity monster back then. It would last through the school day and beyond. A refreshing mint but at the same time smoky musky scent. I didn't wear Cool Water for years and back in 2010 purchased a bottle from Macy's. It was still the same scent I remembered and loved from back in the day but no longer the projection and longevity monster. In fact after 15 minutes I could not even smell it with my nose pressed to my skin. Alas I had to return the bottle. Davidoff I guess is cutting corners to bring the price down even further for the masses. I prefer to pay more for higher quality fragrance. Maybe Ill try Cool Water again in the near future to see if it has improved. Until then I can only give a neutral rating.

    07th December, 2012

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