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    I Love New York for Marriage Equality by Bond No. 9

    This is a really interesting smell. The woody basenotes are quite apparent from the first spray, so it's fairly deep and complex, though it really does all combine to form a cohesive whole, a distinct smell unto itself.

    It's got that creamy sort of cedar smell you get from frankincense, made slightly funky and vaguely animalic with some ambrox and with a hit of sawdust smell from the sandalwood. It's sweet from the citrus, and the ginger gives it a spicy woody brightness (honestly, I don't think I would have figured out that this was ginger without reading the other reviews). All the other flowers and stuff mostly just make it vaguely sweet - it never feels flowery.

    On the positive side, this smells really interesting - the use of the upfront ginger in a woody smell is very clever. The frankincense/sandalwood/ambrox mix is very Tauer, so I think this would likely appeal to fans of L'Air du Desert Marocain. On the negative side, this doesn't really progress as much as it just sort of breaks down and it never feels quite as rich as it could have, given the ingredients. But that wood/resin/ambrox mixture paired with the ginger is just too clever and interesting to not get a thumbs up.

    08th December, 2012

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