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    Comme des Garçons 2 by Comme des Garçons

    This interesting transparent renowned fragrance is a sort of subtle mix of the most interesting facets exuded by some known fragrances around some of which are for instance Black Angel Buxton, Black Aoud Montale, Declaration Cartier, Magnolia Nobile Acqua di Parma, some Costume National (Scent and Pour Homme) and Battistoni Marte Arte. The aromatic/floral/dusty refinement owns texture and lasting power for me. I detect the aldehydes for sure side by side with some inebrious spices (cumin, saffron may be). The beginning is aromatic/haldehydic and slightly herbal with its combination of juniper berries, angelica , aldehydes, orangy juice, bkackcurrant and cumin. The opening is bright, crisp/botanic, citrusy, a bit rooty and with a sort of metallic edge, the latter soon partially fading in the way to the middle transition towards a barely floral heart exuding a sort of violet/muguet/ neroli (almost peachy) kind of vibe (probably aroused by the combination of magnolia and other elements). The more the development procedes towards the end the more the smell projects out several feminine facets and i detect a sort of rose/jasmine orangy feel over a labdanum/patchouli, vetiver structure and a slightly powdery amber/cedarwood base with musky accents. Some incense is inserted somewhere in the blend on the side of resinous elements but i detect it more in the course of the run than after the crossed bourne. A respectful fragrance for the lovers of the genre which starts decidedly masculine and finally winks to the womanly side.

    09th December, 2012

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