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    Terre de L'Encens by Cloon Keen Atelier

    Terre de L'Encens begins with a surprisingly fresh splash, which gives way almost immediately to the main accord, a particularly peppery frankincense. In fact it is pepper that dominates the early development of this fragrance for some time. The Iris is there but quietly. It brings a dry earthy pillow to the fragrance. This is not a floral fragrance at all.

    In the mid development, Terre de L'Encens is beautifully pitched in terms of dryness. The inspiration for this fragrance is nomadic desert traders. Cloon Keen describe it as having a quality like sand on skin. I agree. It is dry but with an undercurrent of soft warmth and salty skin. It is ochre in tone.

    After some time the pepper gives way to a pronounced caramel note. The labdanum most likely, although there may be benzoin there too. It softens and becomes less dry, more resinous. Iris/ Pepper/Frankincense/Wood/Resins is the overall experience. If it helps, I could say that this is far closer to VC&A Bois D'Iris than it is to Dzongkha.

    Terre de L'Encens is a lovely fragrance. It is well named and well realised.

    10th December, 2012

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