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    Lui by Mazzolari

    From my sample I am only able to dab this on and I think that's the way to go here. With this mode of application, the fragrance seems somewhat intimate, rounded, extremely husky and masculine but not monstrous. If I apply liberally though, I'm given a glimpse of what this must be like sprayed and that is a different animal altogether: it roars.

    Lui starts off, to me, smelling faintly of medical gauze and the glue from medical bandages mixed with amber, which is the combination of patchouli, leather and amber (an extreme version of how Goutale's Ambre Fetiche performs on my skin). It takes a long, long time to develop but after a day of wear, one is left with a beautiful almost buttery amber - a stark contrast to the opening hours of this fragrance's life. I'm also vaguely reminded of ELDO's butch, leathery Rien, but Lui is more refined and smooth, and sweeter in the end because of the amber, while retaining a similar virility.

    11th December, 2012

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