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    Visit by Azzaro

    Visit... A touch of pepper... A touch of spice... A touch of musk... And - Visit is a “steal of a deal”...

    If you are looking for a mild musk or spicy fragrance, with a unique back note of pepper, Azzaro's Visit may be for you. Visit comes out of the bottle with notes of pepper and spice then settles into that amber, musky, and woodsy fragrance that is common - but with the addition of "pepper", is unique to Visit.

    My reviews generally consider the following areas that are important to me: appeal and uniqueness of the scent (i.e. easy on the nose); "wow factor" (compliments), projection/sillage, longevity, appropriate season and event for fragrance; quality and/or uniqueness of bottle and packaging (i.e. easy on the eyes); and, the price/value of fragrance.

    While not totally inclusive, my evaluation of Visit is as follows (scoring is out of 5 stars – 1 star is low, 3 is average, and 5 stars is best):

    Appeal/Uniqueness of Scent: 5

    Wow Factor: 4

    Projection: 4

    Longevity: 5

    Appropriate season/event for fragrance: 4

    Quality/design of bottle and packaging: 4

    Price/Value: 5

    Total Points:31 points

    Average Score: 4.43

    Comments:The real beauty of Visit is the price/value. For the money, it cannot be passed-up to add to your collection. $30.00 for a large bottle - and free shipping..!! Secondary to the price, is the uniqueness of the fragrance. Yes, there are plenty of spicy fragrances out there, but Visit offers a blend of spice and woods that is cologne unique, yet not overbearing. Visit also scores well with longevity.I am especially fond of applying a moderate amount of any fragrance in the morning prior to work and it lasting the day without reapplying.

    I give Visit 4.43 stars, out of 5.It is under-rated in the cologne arena, a great value, and I definitely recommend adding it to your collection.

    11th December, 2012

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