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    Very Estée by Estée Lauder

    Extremely sophisticated and sharp feminine floral/aquatic with a pungent (a lily of the valley kind of vibe) floral spark produced by a bouquet of aquatic flowers (watery and light, expecially the lotus), indolic rose/jasmine, gardenia and pepper over a dry woodsy base. The musk is dominant in the dry down (on the side of cedarwood and humid woods) and you can feel around a sort of botanic/grassy natural whiff of fresh flowers and damp woods of the forest. There is a general airy tartness widespread around and it is full of woodiness, floral pungency (almost acid) and musky feel (responsible about a sort of bodily and almost sweaty sensual vibe on the side of the indolic flowers). I feel some sharp prickly watery/ozonic temperament in the air which finally becomes almost soapy/laundry. The sour/sensual strong vibe (a la Pleasure for instance) is detectable inhaling the smell with the nose really close to the skin while at distance the aroma is far much subtle and elegant with a really cool and tonic sense of floral/musky cleanliness. Another winner by Estee Lauder but i nail down an average rating just because this fragrance doesn't smell properly unique.

    11th December, 2012

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