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    Davidoff Adventure Eau FraÓche by Davidoff

    AEF smells like someone took an empty bottle, sprayed the inside with some incredibly light green fragrance, then poured green water in it. AEF is a disappointment waiting to happen. I do not get the point of having a fragrance that lasts less than 3 hours & that you have to really TRY and smell on yourself. I do not want to overpower other people w/my fragrance, but good grief, Iíd like to be able to smell it on me w/o awkwardly sniffing my wrists to make sure itís still on. The notes are so light I donít even want to bother talking about them. Whatís the point? You canít smell them anyway. Yes, theyíre green notes, & thatís all you need to know. Glad I bought a tester of this & not one at regular price. All of this Davidoff Adventure series have awful longevity, so make sure you know that before you decide to buy. I would recommend this flanker the least -- because thereís hardly anything that youíre actually buying. At least the other two have actual fragrance in them. But, then again, what do I know? I get compliments on it.

    17th December, 2012

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