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    Gold Woman by Amouage

    This one bore a family resemblance to Nahema (particularly in the drydown), so I had to go and spray them side by side and compare. There are differences of course – Gold is less sweet at the start, has none of the explosive velocity of Nahema’s top, has the clean frankincense (that rapidly fades) which is the Amouage signature, has a greater suggestion of sandalwood in the base with none of the almond. But it still smells derivative and without the exuberance of the earlier creation. The white florals were a bit lost on me, this being mainly about the aldehydic rose, so the huge bouquet that others get from this was flung beyond my reach. It’s lovely, no doubt about it, and belongs to a pull-out-all-stops school of perfumery that occasionally can achieve such grandeur.
    On second thoughts…
    On the other hand, given cool weather and clean skin, this blooms beautifully and offers a little glimpse of heaven. I have been truly surprised by how this claims its own space over repeat wearings – becoming reassuringly familiar without losing its luxurious feel. All comparisons with Nahema seem beside the point now.
    On third thoughts…
    I spray on wayyyy too much one day (spending it at home on my own) and am in pulsating bliss. I walk through the rooms feeling ‘I am da Gold bomb’.

    20th December, 2012

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