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    B*Men by Thierry Mugler

    Sure, it's another fruity amber aimed towards men, but this one is of a different breed. The fruity top note is based around rhubarb which throws you for a loop. It's red and green and very delicious even though I don't like the taste of rhubarb at all. Quite literally, a breathe of fresh air after so many bad apple(s), citrus and melon top notes that plague mens' frags.

    Bmen settles downs to a spicy cocktail of vetiver and "sequoia", which I'm unfamiliar with. It's restrained, tasteful, and a bit woody and certainly keeps you interested until the Amen base of amber and patchouli show up to round this off. The Amen base is strong and doesn't smell cheap like so many men's frags out there. There's real quality in this.

    One could say Bmen is like Amen without the chocolate addiction. I would also add that drydown reminds me a lot of Terre D'Hermes. Looking at the notes, they're similar too. Kind of think that Elena was influenced by Bmen, either subconsciously or literally, because Bmen came out before TdH.

    7/10 rating.

    24th December, 2012

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