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    Quelques Fleurs L'Original by Houbigant

    Quelques Fleurs l`Original by Houbigant is a gilded time machine. With a single spray, one is transported to a Victorian flower garden (or at least what I think is a Victorian flower garden). Here is my impression: flowers punch you in the face and then continue to do so for a few hours. The enormous bouquet is green with a soapy aspect; Iím mostly picking up lily of the valley, rose, and lilac. The citrus adds a touch of bright fruit at first, but quickly gives way to expose a clean musk, and of course, flowers dominate throughout. Also, there is a touch of warm honey tying the whole thing together and every now and then a little civet surfaces to remind us that furry creatures live in the garden.

    Even though QFO can be a Victorian time machine, it has a timeless aspect that makes it a beautiful addition to any floral loverís perfume collection. Also, if you are interested in vintage fragrances, but canít stand aldehydes, QFO might be your cup of, um, fairies and elves.

    Rating: 5/5 timeless classic

    26th December, 2012

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