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    Baie de Genièvre by Creed

    An interesting one in Creed's pre-aquatic classic style.

    It kicks off with an odd mix. Imagine Diptyque's Vinaigre du Toilette (actual vinegar seeped with herbs) mixed with a Creed-smelling lemony chypre. With time, as the vinegar smell fades, a rather sweaty B.O. stink comes through, along with some flowers. Soon, the herbal mix is joined by a vaguely evergreen dark smell, which I assume is the juniper berry after which this is named. Given some time, it dries down to a fairly standard chypre base (with no hint of Creed's usual ambrox - which would have gone a long way to give some much-needed richness and longevity), with a touch of lingering juniper berry and quite a bit of that sweaty smell left over.

    Being an old Creed, it does all of this fairly quickly and doesn't last very long. I don't mind the short longevity, but the sweaty B.O. smell was fairly gross and felt unbalanced. As such, I give it a neutral rating. For a much better vinegary chypre, I'd suggest Molinard Homme I, which I just wore a few days ago and enjoyed much more.

    28th December, 2012

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