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    Black Soul by Ted Lapidus

    A sort of ideal mixture of some famous previous perfumes as Faconnable Homme, Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine, Neroli L'Occitaine and One Million (which is a less camphoraceous and more surupy one) with a touch of Joop and Bang Bang. Creamy, slightly powdery, sweet, musky and minty/aromatic with a final touch of pencil shaving effect. The first blast is intoxicating and prickly under the attack of a spicy burst (yes, pepper and cinnamon overall). I catch immediately the neroli trail in the middle of the mist. The mentholated (eucalyptol kind) and slightly resinous effect becomes soon dominant, turning out in the middle of the spicy balsams. The smell holds on basically linear (despite i catch some herbal/resinous trails, the bubble gum vibe and some leather in it) till when a woody/black tea/almost watery beat comes out in order to characterize the creamy/mentholated musky wake. I don't find this fragrance particularly dark (even if at the end the woody patchouli darkens a bit the aroma) but it can be included in the range of the fragrances for clubbing cause is brash and a bit insolent. The dry down is a more tamed and fluidy cedary/mentholated/milky effluvium. Not particularly impressing to me but something probably interesting for the lovers of the genre.

    27th December, 2012 (Last Edited: 28th December, 2012)

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