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    Oud Wood by Tom Ford

    I had been wanting to own an Oud fragrance for about a half a year. After carefully looking and smelling most of whats on the market I went with Tom Ford's Oud Wood. I have always been a huge fan of his private blend collection. His heavy potent smelling parfums are what drive me to his products. At the department store ( neiman's) , the parfum smelled great.. It was woody, smoky, complex and HEAVY. The oud was present yet not over powering the other notes of sandalwood, pepper, and cardamom. However at home, when sprayed from the 100 ML bottle, the top note was not as powerful as it was when smelled from a sample strip. What was nice is that the middle and base notes really opened up at 30 to 45 minutes after being applied to the skin. It actually pretty amazing and overwhelming to have the notes wrap themselves all around you.
    If you don't like heavy long lasting smells that engulf you then this inst gonna be for you. Oud Wood was even more amazing when paired off with Tobacco Vanille. I highly recommend you try out them together. The overall longevity tends to be around 2-2.5 hours on my skin. My only disappointment was that the Oud essence itself in my bottle, ( May 2012, batch A52), was not as present as it was in the department store.

    28th December, 2012

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