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    Kinski by Escentric Molecules

    Escentric Molecules - Kinski

    Musty, dusty, vetiver prominent. Iso E and/or its ilk are noticeably present.

    I applied the whole .7ml sample yesterday under clothes and exposed on the arms. As much as I can, I try to sample test before revisiting detailed reviews in an attempt to keep my impressions as personal and unbiased as possible. The source of my sample markets it as “Kinski by Kinski” and I had no idea it was an Escentric Molecule association until minutes ago. It fits.

    Kinski belongs in the group of New Age Masculines typified by the synthetics that provide for crazy longevity (e.g. TdH, Encre Noir, Aventus, TF Extreme, etc.). MaryJane? Animalic/Castoreum? Hmmm, not so much to me. The recurring vibe I got throughout was that it was quite close to the smokey,vetiver, Iso E Super-laden Encre Noir. Now I happen to like EN a lot and TdH, another IES thumper, is one of my favorites. Those that are familiar enough with IES (and/or similar synthetics, to be honest) will understand when I say that Kinski, like the others, carries the characteristic of wearing the wearer; cold, not cloying yet somehow can become a little suffocating. D’ya know what I mean?

    Good masculine scent. Pricey; my EN cost but a fraction. Don’t believe I’ll ever own a bottle. I'm 50, for reference and this impression is only off a single wearing of a .7ml sample. Fin12/29/12

    29th December, 2012

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