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    Anat Fritz by Anat Fritz

    Anat Fritz (original) opens on skin with a fresh breeze of aromatic wild lavender that soon joins a very sharp natural cedar and raw grassy vetiver in the heart to create the dominant overall accord that runs through its relatively linear development. The heart accord is dirtied slightly by the deft use of patchouli in the base coupling with just the faintest hint of relatively dry sandalwood, never calling attention to itself. Projection is quite strong and longevity is equally outstanding.

    After being completely wowed by the new Anat Fritz release, Tzora, I had to get my hands on a sample of this original release from the Anat Fritz house bearing her namesake. Anat Fritz (original) has been pretty thoroughly either ignored (count myself a guilty party) or maligned by reviewers since its release years ago but now having sampled it, I am quite disappointed in myself for not giving this a sniff a lot earlier as it is a perfect fit for my preferences. In all fairness to the negative reviews of the past, I have heard that the scent was relatively recently re-worked by Geza Schoen and the sample I am sniffing is all but certainly the re-worked version. Since I haven't ever sniffed the initial release, I have no idea what those reviewers smelled back then. That said, I am 100% certain that to my nose this version is masterpiece caliber stuff and unlike Tzora that is so skillfully restrained and remaining well in the mainstream, Anat Fritz (original) is rough, earthy, aromatic, powerful and distinctive. Both scents are near equally appealing but in polar opposite ways. I also give Schoen extra points for finding a way to utilize the lavender here (a note I generally dislike) in a way that it complements the sharp cedar perfectly by focusing on its aromatic qualities and spurning its powdery facets frequently featured by most. If I had one small gripe it would be that the only bottle available is a splash bottle. I guess in the grand scheme of things that is pretty unimportant, but it should at least be mentioned... The long and the short of it is Anat Fritz (original) is an outstanding "masculine" leaning release that will appeal to cedar and vetiver lovers who want to make a statement, earning an extremely strong rating of 4.5 to 5 stars out of 5.

    20th December, 2012 (Last Edited: 29th December, 2012)

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