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    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

    This scent became my signature/daily driver for 2012. I happened upon an unopened bottle for very cheap late last year so i picked it up. Honestly, I like obscure, synthetic scents. CdG oduer series, Costume National, etc... Fragrances that are hard to nail down or on the other end of the spectrum scents that are maybe more single noted but in your face. Yes, I like to smell different, or unique.

    D&G pour Homme is not any of these. However I do respect the nose of others so I try to pick a yearly signature based on its pleasantness to others. pour Homme is very traditional, agreeable in my opinion. more restrained but still warrants regular compliments. Its citrus-y top note is a joy to put on after a hot steaming shower. As it wears through the day it continues to make me feel clean if not very slightly sticky sweet. Im a smoker and work outdoors and this has gotten me through most work days this year feeling fresh and pleasant to co-workers. It has also done well with daytime weekend errand running. Maybe it is just utilitarian for me given my habits and needs for a daily wearer. I will not bludgeon you with fancy descriptives, i will only say that it worked for me for a year as a signature without boring me. The other scent i wore a lot of at work was Armani Code, and though agreeable in my opinion, code would bore me silly after a few consecutive wears. To much tonka Bean for to long. D&G pour Homme never got boring for me. I used about 7/8ths of a bottle a 125ml. bottle this year. Yet it still stayed fresh and never a complaint from others.

    I plan to quit smoking this year so im going to be heavily revamping my collection over the next few months. Namely getting away from the smokey, tobacco-y scents. So I will be reserving whats left of my D&G for special, nostalgic moments. But I will end by saying that, I have, and others too, very much enjoyed wearing pour Homme this year and I may feel slighty alone as I search for a new signature for 2013.

    PS... this was my first review, hope it was helpful.

    30th December, 2012

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