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    Équipage by Hermès

    *This is a review of the vintage formula

    Equipage (vintage) opens with a mild bergamot citrus, quickly mixing with a more prominent rosewood note before transitioning to the early heart. The rosewood remains into the heart, coupling with a subdued carnation floral and powdery oakmoss and vanilla rising from the base, with faint hints of jasmine and cinnamon spice rounding out the main heart accord. The scent stays relatively linear, with the powder fading into the dry-down, allowing the rosewood a bit more time to shine along with the spice. Projection and longevity are both below average.

    Equipage (vintage) is a pleasant very conservative scent that I like, but I can't help feeling it needs something else to roughen it up a bit. It is just so polished and muted that while it will work in formal situations very well, it has little excitement to keep one interested for daily general wear (not to mention it does not last relatively long). Scents like the vintage versions of New York and Tiffany for Men occupy similar space to Equipage (vintage), but both of those are more interesting compositions with better performance for similar money. The bottom line is Equipage (vintage) is a solid conservative release from Hermes, but there are even better choices in the genre than this 3 star out of 5 classic to be had.

    30th December, 2012

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