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    Mito Eau De Parfum by Vero Profumo

    Alfarom is right as Mito is one of those precious gems able to reconcile all the niche perfumes addicted with an adequate level of quality, uniqueness and spirituality (the plane where the niche must tend to aim, avoiding the mainstream side). Mito is another rare Vero Profumo's issue under the appointment of the great Vero Kern and is worthful as well as its predecessors, the notorious Onda first of all. Greenish, mossy, cleverly floral, slightly old school/laundry and divinely retro/assertive, Mito is a juice for all those looking for something different, coming out straight from the forest, deeply green, sapiently hesperidic, introverted and spiritual. The basic plaine is obscurely mossy with its accord appointed with the interaction of galbanum, cypress, resinous woodsy notes and moss and projects vaguely a classic Comme Des Garcons's (Acqua di Parma's) vibe. On this base (and after the first citrusy/juicy, faintly pharmaceutical and sour/unripe sparkling run) some discreet floral notes start to project a weird and delicate floral and finally almost powdery clean trail over all with the duo jasmine/magnolia. The aforementioned chord, flanked by lemon-orange, vague earthy feels and hints of white/balmy obscure elements, becomes almost soapy, laundry, fluidy and even divinely boise. The final wake is extremely sophisticated, barely airy, overcasted and surprisingly clean and velvety with an heady jasmine/magnolia/hyacint spark and a faintly balmy/mossy consistence. While Onda, expecially in its EDP version, projects a final honeyed/leathery, almost irine-y, vaguely animalic chypre vibe (and is a more boisterous and full of contrasts creation ) Mito is a more shy and clean olfactory fatigue, is finally less changeful, challenging and enveloping, a soave balmy/floral perfume with a mossy soul and something vaguely detergent (a Vero Profumo sort of copyright, never chemical for sure) in its structure. Unisex but winking to the womanly side.

    31st December, 2012

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