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    New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

    Has anyone been to Taiwan, or Singapore? Or one the asian countries that sells bubble tea or boba, known in the west? There's this thing called pearls that you chew when you suck up the straw. When you go to a bubble tea shop you can smell them cooking the pearls, which are basically black balls of tapioca. The way they are cooked, I might be wrong, they are slow cooked in brown sugar syrup. This smells EXACTLY like the top notes of New Haarlem, and it made me smile because of how similar it is to queuing up for a cup of bubble tea.

    I must say, it is sickly sweet, and I can understand why it's been said to smell like maple syrup and pancakes (believe me it smells more like pearls being cooked).

    Unfortunately, for people like me interested in New Haarlem for the coffee note, look somewhere else. The coffee here is so subtle and if coffee wasn't listed as a note, I wouldn't be able to tell at all.

    Definitely a compliment getter, but I would never wear this where I live. Just too hot no matter what time of the year, or day.

    01st January, 2013

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